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     Q: Where & How do I Quote a Land Group Wedding?

    A: Use the Transat/Noli or Sunwing Vacations instant quote tools for all inclusive packages. You can also read the google drive doc on Booking A Land Group for more tips or other suppliers.

    Q: Do I Get Commission on Seat Selection?

    A: Yes on Allegiant Vacations IF booked with the package all together. Also on Charter flights if you book an upgrade seat package, like Elite plus with Sunwing or J class on Air Transat at the time of booking. For all other airlines, you will not, consider this an extra service.

    Q: Can I Book VRBO or Airbnb and Make a Commission?

    A: Unfortunately, no you cannot.

    Q: What suppliers do I go to for what?

    A: Check out this google spreadsheet, all those answers will be found here!

    Q: Where can I book a Villa or Condo Then?

    A: Condo Connections pays 10%. Holiday House or Fun Sun, as well as various other wholesalers, may depending on the destination you are looking for. Search through Ensemble Hotel Express or click on the Villa & Vacation Home link.

    Q: What are the Requirements for Insurance Training Yearly?

    A: Training requires 2 hours of continuing education. This is based on the calendar year and not from your exam qualification date. If you have let it lapse a year, 4 hours will then be required.

    Q: How do I get the Training Required?

    A: You can attend training with Nancy Darby, our Manulife sales rep, at team meetings. Alternatively, continuing education courses are online through live webinars throughout the year. Only the 1 hour sessions qualify, contact Tracy for the link to register.

    Q: When do I get Paid Commission on a Booking and do I have to Invoice?

    A: Travel Best Bets pays commission on the 15th of the following month since your client has departed. You do not need to invoice if your clients have traveled and the agency has received the commission from the supplier. We will process commission cheques and mail them to you by the 15th. However, you must have the actual booking invoiced in CBO.

    Q: What is the Difference between Record Locator Confirmation Number and Booking Number?

    A: Absolutely nothing, every supplier uses their own preferred terminology for a confirmed reservation. On your res card, we need you to use the proper reservation number as we match that with the commission cheques we receive from the supplier. They will cross reference that number with the commission paid.

    Q: How do I find a Vendor Profile in CBO?

    A: This is done the same way as when searching for your leisure profiles. Just change to Vendor and type the supplier in the blank field, it will then populate and highlight. Click on the supplier you’re searching for, the click View and then Agency Remarks to find any details. Please do not edit or change anything in here. Especially if it shows an admin site login, email Tracy if you need a login set up.

    Q: How do I Find the Deals that are Sent out via Email Blast or Posted on our TBB Website?

    A: First, log into your Google Drive and view either Land or Cruise database, most everything is FIT and some groups are marked accordingly. Cruise & Land database training webinars are available here. Remember that all prices are subject to change, and if you can’t find the same deal with the supplier please email Tracy so that she can double check or have the deal removed/updated.

    Q: How Much do I Mark Up a Net Wholesale Air Ticket?

    A: Compare the Net fare with the published fare to see what amount of markup can be added. Minimum markup for USA/Domestic net fares is $25 per ticket, however I would suggest going higher if the difference warrants. The minimum markup for International net fares is $50 per ticket, but most times you can go higher depending on the published fare in the market. Seat sales usually never beat a wholesale net fare!

    Q: Am I Bugging Tracy??

    A: There are no stupid questions! Tracy is happy to help anyone and everyone learn this exciting business. We all want to see our Connected Agents succeed, so keep the questions coming, that’s what Tracy is here for!

    Have Another Question or Wondering how to Contact Tracy?

    Email [email protected] or call 1.877.523.7823 ext 300.